Shahid Afridi Bites Ball - Banned for Tampering

Shahid Afridi was captaining the Pakistan side against Australia in the 5th ODI. Having lost the previous four matches in the series, Afridi was under pressure to secure one win. The pressure got the best of him as he resorted to biting the ball to help out his bowlers achieve reverse swing. His antics were caught on tape and he confessed to the offense of ball tampering. His confession resulted in the minor ban of two T20 matches. Afridi apologized for his actions but claimed that all teams indulge in such behavior. He was strongly criticized by Inzimam who had forfeited a match when his team was accused of ball tampering. At that time he was adamant that none of his players tampered with the ball. Afridi's actions will hurt Pakistan in the future as they will find it harder to defend themselves against accusations of ball tampering.

Here's the video of Shahid Afridi biting the cricket ball:

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